Discipline is a Game Changer

“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There is plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” -H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

Discipline is a very broad subject that partners well with responsibility. Self Discipline takes mental, physical and spiritual practice. I find that discipline is much easier when I enjoy the activity I am delving into. Our passion plays into this as well. What are you passionate about? We all have different areas of life that interest us. Aligning to where our soul leads us always assists in making the learning processes in life easier.

For many writers one of the hardest things to do is look at a blank page, put hands on the keyboard and write about an unfamiliar subject. Overcoming inertia can be a challenge to say the least! When the motivation is not there, that is when discipline fires up to support you. When you know you should not have that ice cream or some decadent dessert, discipline can save you from yourself. When you get angry, discipline can help you to respond versus react. When you know you need to be physically active or move your body in some form on exercise, discipline will motivate you to get started. As we all know, there are days when we do not want to listen to the “drill sergeant” we gave orders to, but in our infinite wisdom we set ourselves up for success.

 How do we self-discipline in a way that serves us?

– Set a goal. Be accountable/responsible and persistent.

– Identify your strengths, be in control and take action.

– If you need one, find an accountability partner and check in with them regularly. As we have all heard, accountability can be an excellent motivator.

– Allow yourself to make mistakes, no one is perfect. Pick yourself up and move on knowing that this is part of the learning process. Be gentle, but firm. Don’t give up!

– Recognize the things you do to stop yourself from reaching your goal. Look at the roadblocks and ask yourself why you put them there. Decide what you are going to do about removing them.

– Reward yourself in a way that leaves a positive feeling. That way you will look forward to celebrating a job well done.

– Don’t stop at one success, expand and move on to a new challenge that requires discipline. Life is not something that happens to you, but you are something that happens to life. We all have an innate desire to set new goals, overcome challenges, to grow and to be happy.

– Enjoy the fact that you have been able to acquire self-discipline through application. Be grateful for your accomplishments and enjoy them all!

Debra Oakland