Do You Have The Courage To Hear The Song?

I was laying in bed this morning in a state of stillness and peace.  I noticed sounds all around me.  I could hear cars on Pacific Coast Highway whizzing by. Von’s Pavilion is just below my house, which means I hear car doors opening and closing, cars coming and going, shopping carts being moved around, and people talking.  I heard the crows outside in the tree squawking . I was really wishing for silence. And then it happened.

The most beautiful song from a bird outside my window caught my attention.  I listened very intently.  Do you know what happened?  All the other sounds drowned out and I heard only this one bird.  It was as if all the other sounds dissappeared.

They call that power of attention.  It is simple really.  I lay there thinking about the the sounds I did not want to hear at that moment and the one that I wanted to hear.  What we place our attention on becomes predominant in our lives.  We can drown out the things in our lives we don’t want.  We get to choose.  I know we are all powerful creators, but daily life can drag many people down.  Many changes are occuring in the world. They must occur for the shifts this planet needs.  How do we get throught them?  We hear the bird singing, we stay focused on what is important in our lives and we come back to Love.  That is where all things heal.  I send you love in your life’s journey – please take the time to pay it forward.  You will find that what you give out will return to you.  Where is your attention?  Keep it on the good things.  Be kind and loving to others and it will be returned to you.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online