Empowerment, Nature and You

How do you define the word empowerment?  I thought I knew what it meant until I came to write about it for this months newsletter.  That was when I realized that it can mean different things to different people in differing life situations.  So, after ‘Googling’ it and not coming up with any clear cut definition here is my own interpretation:

“Empowerment is a multi-dimensional process of gaining positive control of the power we all have within us, enabling us to lead better lives to the benefit of ourselves, others and society as a whole whilst being in harmony with Universal Law.”

We all know the types of lives we want to lead; we all know the kind of environment we want to live in and we all want to live in harmony with our physical, mental and spiritual selves.  But unless we empower ourselves and allow our thoughts and actions to work at every level of our desires then they will never wholly come to fruition.  Self-Empowerment is a gift not to be wasted or abused, without it we can only live falsely as we would not be being truthful to ourselves.  Our ego’s and the physical outer world would be in total control.

Mother Nature is the embodiment of empowerment.  She plays by her own rules, the Universal Laws, yet embraces change to survive, develop and expand.  You only have to look around you to see empowerment at work, the forces of nature are continuously in motion with no days off, no procrastination, just pure energy in perpetual motion.  Day and night, the tides, the winds and the seasons are forever with us, if they weren’t, we and the world as we know it would perish.

It’s important that we empower ourselves by giving ourselves permission to be who we truly want to be, act and do as we truly desire and to learn how to work in harmony with not only our physical, mental and spiritual selves but with those around us and our environment if we want to gain the full benefits that empowerment can and will reward us with.  As with working towards enlightenment this is not an overnight process, it is a life times work and may not happen for us in this lifetime but in a future life in whatever multi-dimensional place that may be.  Accept and use the gift of empowerment, feel the vibrations of Universal Law working with and for you, the feeling of harmony coming into your life.

Steve Tallamy