Excessive Worry is a Worldwide Problem – 7 Solutions

Excessive Worry is a Worldwide Problem - 7 Solutions

Worry to a slight degree is part of life. I have noticed more people engaging in chronic worry lately, and this I know – it’s debilitating. Excessive worry steals our soul, haunts our mind, and damages our bodies, sometimes in irreparable ways. This is a habit that can start small and escalate to unnatural proportions.

Think about this, worry is only a thought. Yet, it can ruin lives because of the control and power it gains over the mind. My dad used to say, “Worry is paying interest on things that may never happen.” He was right, worry often gives a small thing a BIG shadow. Eckart Tolle said it best, “Worry pretends to be necessary, but serves no useful purpose.”

Here is a list of potential problems associated with excessive worry…

Health issues, such as blood pressure, stroke, lack of sleep, immune system issues, mental health & emotional stress, under-eating/over-eating, stomach/bowel issues, headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, skin issues, body pain, and more. Irritability is another side effect of this long list of triggers. Worry does nothing to prevent things from happening. For some people the ‘fight or flight’ response can become the body’s instinctive reaction to many things – real or imagined. When we are stressed or feeling anxiety, we don’t breathe naturally. All this over a worrisome thought, or thoughts we allow to control our body, mind, and spirit. This takes the joy level down exponentially and speeds up the aging process, which should be a deterrent right there. Stress hormones – no thanks!

Excessive Worry is a Worldwide Problem - 7 Solutions

7 Solutions To Alleviate Worry

1. Realize worry is a thought that becomes a movie tape you allow to run through your mind. Put the old worn out film in the shredder and re-shoot the scene the way you would like it to play out, with a positive beginning and ending. Stop your imagination from running on negativity. Start by replacing one negative thought with a positive, adding it to your mental movie to re-program your brain.

2. Keep yourself in the moment, not the past or the future. Create the future of your dreams courageously, using imagination and positive visualization. You are in control, not your fears. What worries you masters you.

3. Make conscious choices that support your life. Recognize what triggers your worrisome mind. Making choices from a place of fear/worry about what ‘could’ happen does not serve you. It does keep you on the worry treadmill. You can slow that treadmill down and jump off when you’re ready.

4. Change your habits to support your health. Support your being with proper eating habits, getting enough rest, and engaging in activities that will help strengthen, rather weaken your spirit. Keep an open mind, not everything in life is black and white. Practice kindness and speak with positivity, it’s contagious. Remember gratitude and forgiveness is key to a happy life.

5. Cut out the causes of worry. If watching the news or reading the paper causes you stress and worry, stop these activities. If you are around people that do not bring you joy let them go, and if you need to, extricate them from your life. Audition new people to appear in the movie of your life who will love and support you. Don’t play the victim – you are worthy of living in your power and courageously being YOU. Expect the best case scenario, not the worst. If you think about it – more things go right than wrong, unless you expect otherwise. We all make ‘mis-takes’ but it’s how we grow and learn to become a strong leading character in the movie of our life, and to be an uplifting supporting character in our family and friends movies. Don’t give a flying fig what anyone thinks of you – just be your best self, and live your best life. After all, it’s your movie!

6. Initiate a practice that calms your mind. Try a beautiful thought – like a happy baby or puppy snuggling with you. Spend time with a loved one who makes you happy. Enjoy activities like gardening, writing, music, art, etc. Engage in a meditation, prayer, or practice that supports you. Try deep breathing techniques, EFT, or any therapy you resonate to. Take a relaxing vacation and most important…fall in love with yourself.

7. Seek the help you need from a professional. Do your homework to find the best possible support.


  1. Great list. I especially like #2. I find it’s often the fear that I will feel a certain way FOREVER that messes me up. There’s rarely anything I can’t deal with in the moment. Thanks!

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you for your comment Andrea – fear is a toxic beast we all work on slaying!

  2. Great tips to curb the worry Debra! Thank you for mentioning seeking a professional for help. Some worry can be managed on one’s own. If it is interfering with your life, why not reach out? Many people suffer in silence when they could find mental freedom.

    • Debra Oakland says

      I agree Lisa…some worry can be managed, some can’t, and I know you are of great valuable to people seeking professional help. Thank you for all you do!

  3. I love Eckart Tolle’s quote, “Worry pretends to be necessary, but serves no useful purpose.” Once I wrapped my head around the meaning within his writings, a lot shifted for me. Debra, this is an insightful guide to derail the worry-train. Thanks for all that you do! I’m sharing this article with others so they may also reap the benefits of these seven solutions.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Great quote from a wise man. Thank you for your comment and for sharing my article Cindy. Much appreciated!