Expansion for the New Year & Beyond

Expansion in the New Year 2014 & Beyond

Expansion for the New Year and beyond is an embraceable feeling. This gives us a sense of new beginnings, the choice to end old patterns that no longer resonate. A fresh start, if you will. Our lives are ever evolving, shifting, and hopefully expanding as we jump from 2013 into 2014.

What do you plan on accomplishing in 2014? Stepping out of shadows and boxes we sometimes surround ourselves with, gives new perspective, shining light on areas we could not see clearly. Clarity is a valuable tool.

Each person requires unique tools to live their best life.  You may ask, “Where are these tools?”  Inside of you, created for your personal use, there to hone your individualized unique passions and skills. Sure, some of the same tools may work for others, but you have special one’s, created just for you.

Everyone has a gift to share with the world. Painters use different tools than plumbers. Dancers use different tools than writers, and on it goes.  Within each skill, there is a myriad of ways and means to achieve success. In 2014 look at what makes you come alive, burn with passion and thrills you from the top of your head, to the tip of your toes. Keep your attention on this feeling, and as you go inside for self examination, the tools you need will be made available to you.

It may sound cliche, but keep your eye on the prize, the passion, the end result, then get out of your own way.  Take action toward your goal, of course. Here is a key, an invaluable tool for your personal tool-belt – remove the worry, fear and doubt from the equation. Think of putting a kink in a hose by folding it in half or stepping on it.  That is what fear and its family does to your dreams, your passions, and the gifts you came here to share with the world.

My wish for you in 2014 is that you achieve your dreams, live a life of joy and help others find the tools they need along the way. Thank you for your support of Living in Courage and Happy New Year!

Debra Oakland