Gratitude Reflections

It seems appropriate to end the year of 2011 with Gratitude.  Of all the 144 Qualities of Love, gratitude is one of my personal favorites.  There have been endless words written about this quality, personal moments of sacred silence in gratitude, outward expressions of thankfulness in every imaginable way.  No matter what your belief system may be, there is one thing we all share, express and experience in our own way, and that is grate-fullness. It is hard to ignore one of life’s greatest qualities!

Reflecting back on 2011, it is important to remind ourselves to be grateful for all that is here and all that is yet to come. We are now closing 2011 and moving into 2012.  The coming year has been written about, predicted, discussed and dissected more than any year I can ever remember. All forms of media have jumped on the bandwagon, and we have the film industry for even more exposure, though usually fear based. People in every walk of life have formed their own opinions about what the outcome could be. Yes, we are in the midst of great change.  The world as we can see is changing daily.  In my humble opinion, this is a truly amazing time to be alive, to witness such individual and collective transformation calls for Gratitude with a capital “G.”

The very foundation of our inner truths are being tested. Subtle and not so subtle shifts are occurring for each of us, and we can trust that the process is in perfect order.  We also have a choice to lovingly embrace the momentum of change, or we can resist it out of fear. It is our responsibility to direct our power for good, not only for ourselves, but for the collective aspects of all life.  What difference did you and I make in 2011?  What difference will we make in 2012 and beyond?  How grateful are we for all that is here now, and for all that is yet to come into our lives?  What appears in our life now and in the future is a direct result of the choices we have made and continue to make.  What we do matters because there is a ripple effect that goes out into the world.  We forget how powerful we are.  As each of us aligns to the unity of love and peace in all the varied aspects of ourselves and our world, we connect to our source of infinite power. In this alignment we become open to unlimited possibilities.  That is the approach I will take as I walk into 2012, and I trust you will as well.  It’s the only way to expand and who wants to contract? That’s just a waste of our precious time and energy!

Our experiences can define us, for good or not so good. Yes, there are challenges in life, but what do we take away from them and carry with us?  By living in courage we move forward growing ever strengthened. This life is our dance. and gratitude makes an excellent companion.  By being grateful we feel richer in the appreciation for the small things, that way when the big things show up, life is that much better.  Find all that you are grateful for and hold that feeling of thank-fullness in your heart.  I am grateful for you, and I send you blessings for the beautiful flow of 2011 into the grand expansiveness of 2012.

Happy Holidays from Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online