Hardwick, Vermont is Courage in Action

Pete Johnson of Pete’s Greens


I had the pleasure of watching Emeril Green, on Planet Green recently. Emeril visited a courageous little town in Hardwick, Vermont.  I am courageously dis-attaching from the global food system, and moving to organic small sustainable farms for our food. As Dan Rather asks in this video, where do we get our food and what are we eating? A down on it’s luck, old mining town in Hardwick Vermont started answering those questions by designing a 21st Century food system. The town has been transformed into a community wide farming circle. The global food system is killing our planet, communities and people.  Processed products that are shipped on airplanes, contaminated, injected, full of chemicals, grown in bad soil with poor seeds, stored for long periods of time and who knows what, are just bad for our health, and well being  Let’s participate together in making this planet a better place for all.  We need more communities like Hardwick around the globe.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online

Visit these sites in Hardwick Vermont:

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Jasper Hills Cheese Cave

Claire’s Restaurant & Bar

Center for Agriculture Economy in Hardwick, Vermont (non-profit/educational)

Buffalo Mountain Co-op

Pete’s Greens – Pete Johnson

High Mowing Organic Seeds on “Dan Rather Reports” from High Mowing Organic Seeds on Vimeo.