How My Story Launched This Website

Imagine this, over a 6 year period, I lost my 21 year old son, my unborn baby girl in my 8th month of pregnancy, 2 brothers to AIDS, and my father. I could have given up, felt sorry for myself, made it about me, instead I asked myself what each one of them would have wanted for me, and that was to live a life of courage, to encourage others, to have a wonderful life. Today I live with Cody, my awesome husband of 22 years, who walked this journey with me, lending me strength and courage every step of the way. Cody and I live such a blessed and incredible life together. I know that I have come through all of this more courageous, stronger, able to cope with life in a much more powerful way because of the lessons learned along the way.

Since the beginning of time, there have been stories of courage. We have all read many books, seen movies that inspire or encourage us to the depths of our soul, been around people who we look at with wonder because of the courageous things they have done. Sometimes it is something very simple, yet so profound that changes our day, sometimes it is more than we can wrap our minds around. Whatever it is that shakes us up and out of old negative patterns we wish to break, should be welcomed with open arms.

Please share your moments of courage and inspiration on this site, so we may help assist each other up to a heightened awareness of what we all are capable of. We are each a powerful architect of our own life direction, which gives us choices as to the direction we want our lives to move into.

I am so excited to hear from you. I ask that this space be kept positive and uplifting to all who visit. This is a place to come and relax with friends for a period of time, knowing that there is always a way to fulfill your dreams and assist others to reach theirs as well.

Dedicate yourself to Living In Courage, and it is my pleasure to present you with a place to share, to dream. Dream big and don’t ever, ever let anyone discourage you. Reach deep inside yourself and you will always find what you are looking for.