In A Chaotic World Of Fear – Be Your Own Hero

It takes courage to be heroic in chaos

The world we live in at this moment has become unrecognizable to most of us. The battles we were never made aware of, have always gone on behind the scenes with those in power. Not all, but much of it is now out in the open. The surface has become a battleground of people running in circles declaring their “truth” as they believe it. If everyone is wrong – who’s right? If everyone is right – who’s wrong?

Don’t you agree it would be hard to write a book containing every crazy thing going on in the world? Who could write this ‘story’ and make it believable to a reader? Definitely NOT a bestseller. Too much chaos with no firm story line that makes a lick of sense. You can’t change the narrative page by page and have a story make sense. There needs to be flow, a consistency that draws the reader in.

We are in a battle of the ages that has gone on longer than most can imagine

Lines have been drawn for centuries between true evil and not so evil. Think dark vs light. Movies and Tell-A-Vision show us the vision they want us to see. Stories that capture people. You think of it as fiction, but it’s not, these things really happen. Hmm, let’s show the viewers some truth and see how they react. Many love what they see, again thinking most of it as fiction or sci-fi. Games, movies, TV, books and art guide people to accepting what they see. It’s accepted and it seems okay – because it’s not real.

Readers love the protagonists being in fear and negotiating for their lives

Tension and chaos is a powerful tool in visuals and writing. We must understand that many in control of this world find fear useful and versatile. As we know, children are susceptible and easily captured by images and colors that excite them. What have we allowed and how has all of this affected us since childhood?

Let’s expand on fear. Fear is primordial. The F word provokes bio-chemical responses in us, and hey, keep it clean! Maybe you can’t breathe, your heart pounds, your body tenses and nervous habits ensue, I’ve see this happen when people are gaming or watching something violent. We are also given fear as a self-preservation tool. It’s all a matter of how you choose to interact with fear. From being attacked, flying in an airplane, facing a deadline at work, getting married or any F-factor, we are affected in some way. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated. When we immerse our-self in the depths of fear, our body, mind and spirit are affected.

Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement. – Mario Puzo

We are characters in the larger picture of life, creating and living our individual stories. Fear challenges us for good or for bad. One thing I appreciate about fear is that it drives us forward, challenges us and helps us to overcome life’s biggest challenges and boundaries. Critical thinking can be dangerous – if we don’t use it. Who have we become and at what cost to ourselves and the world at large? The more we tear each other apart, the faster we destroy the fabric of life. The rest of this year and some time beyond is going to be a roller coaster ride. Time to buckle up – shit’s getting real.