Intrinsic Growth – Expand or Contract

What we change inwardly will change outer reality. – Plutarch.

I am re-sharing an article I wrote in 2019. These words are more important now than ever…

In the midst of the insanity we are seeing in the outer world, there is a grass roots movement taking hold. The roots of this movement are deep, as deep as the pain in the hearts of those who can make no sense of the unrecognizable and unacceptable ‘reality’ facing them. Grass roots groups are nothing new. It’s where change percolates, giving us an opportunity to expand or contract. The inner sanctum of shift begins within and takes hold in the outer. The most important mindset to any forward movement is accepting change and embracing adaptability.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. – Rumi

Our souls are rooted deeply, held in the embrace of powers beyond our knowing. Why then do we trust the outer world to provide that which already exists inside us? True satisfaction of the soul is elusive, because we have turned our back on our inner roots. What happens to a garden not tended properly? It begins to deteriorate. Think of your inner-world as a garden. Are you a master gardener who has accumulated the necessary knowledge to nourish yourself – to grow even deeper roots? I think of this as a personal grass roots movement intrinsic to growth on all levels, in all areas of our life.

Let go of the past, but keep the lessons it taught you. – Chiara Gizzi

I’m sure you’ve noticed the dramatic changes in the world – this outer collective we all contribute to. As these shifts occur quickly, adaptability is the best way forward. The unwillingness to accept change can usher in experiences more difficult than for those who are willing and ready to adapt. There is a raw beauty to change, leading to the brilliance of the yet unpolished. We may need to voluntarily and courageously walk into the unknown to expand ourselves. Why is it we so often think of changing the world, when changing ourselves brings the best results?

The return to ‘self’ is the most important action we can take. I leave you with this thoughtful quote…

Most people can look back over the years and identify a time and place at which their lives changed significantly. Whether by accident or design, these are the moments when, because of a readiness within us and a collaboration with events occurring around us, we are forced to seriously reappraise ourselves and the conditions under which we live and to make certain choices that will affect the rest of our lives. – Frederick F. Flack