Jim Stovall – Blind Courage

A friend of mine Marie Louise Steenbjerg, who lives in Denmark sent me an e-mail about Jim Stovall, along with a video from You Tube. Marie Louise heard Jim speak in Los Angeles and said it was very moving to hear his story. I would like to share it with you.

Jim Stovall is blind now, and claims he never read a book cover to cover until he was blind. Now Jim is an avid reader and author. One of Jim’s books was turned into a best selling movie. Now Jim has established a television company with the focus on helping blind people. Jim travels the country speaking to motivate people to their full potential.

When the doctors told Jim he was going blind, he went into denial. In his own words Jim says “I had a PhD in quitting.” In this You Tube video, he tells a story about 4 year old Christopher and how they changed each others lives. This is a true story of Courage and Strength. Jim says to “imagine your big dream and remember it is too soon to quit,” saying that we have the capacity to achieve anything. This video is very inspiring. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Marie Louise