Oh, The Critics!

portrait of a girl with popcorn

Criticism, judgment, gossip, blame, worry, anger and fear. Oh, The Critics!

This family of negativity turns our vibratory energy into molasses – quicksand to our good, making it very difficult to step out of, and just as dangerous.

Choosing to engage in activities of love, peace, harmony, joy, and kindness raises vibratory actions, speeding up the magnetization of our good.

As you watch inspirational movies or read the many self-help books available, you may become determined to improve the quality of your life. This determination can be short circuited if you keep re-winding and replaying the same old scenarios.

Why keep reliving the drama you hope to transform? Habit? Comfort?

Ingrained habits are hard to break and have tricky ways of creeping back in, which slows your progress, so constant vigilance is necessary. Changing a habit can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do, so stay determined! If you are serious about change, drop the excuses, and ask yourself why you want to eliminate a particular habit.

Going through the exercise of the W’s – what, when, why, where, and who – can bring clarity to the habit in question. Ask yourself “What do I gain from _____? When did _____ become a habit? Why do I do ______? Where do I think _____ will get me in life? Who do I know does ______? Are they successful? Is _______ really something I want in my life?”

Sometimes the answer lies in the question. When you take the time to filter an occurrence or a piece of news through the W’s, the right response usually becomes obvious.

It is beneficial to find a positive replacement for any habits you desire to break free of. Affirm daily, “Everything I need is here for me now in this moment. My purpose reveals itself to me in perfect timing. I am the master of my life and it unfolds exactly as I direct it. I trust in my higher power, which is inside of me. As I connect with my source, I become a magnet for ____.”

Write an affirmation that supports every area of your life where you are not free.

When we continue participating with “The Critics,” lasting peace and joy will be elusive. Understand more, so you fear less.

Once you begin shining your joy light bright, the energy vampires cannot stand to be in your presence! Become a blessing counter, a light capturer. Take charge, making sure life is not happening to you, but through you.

Debra Oakland