Our Deepest Pain Empowers Us

Often our deepest pain empowers us to grow into our highest self. The world is in the midst of dissension and massive change. Physical, mental, and spiritual pain is rippling out in waves. At the same time, hope is in the hearts of people for a brighter future. As we step back and view the movie unfolding in front of us, we can choose courage, strength, peace and right action, or allow fear to control us. Everyone has an ‘opinion’ on how others should live and conduct themselves. Do not give your power away, for when you do, you lose a vital part of your soul meant to keep you empowered.

How do you contribute to peace in your life and for the good of all life? When people live through a massive challenge, it becomes easier to understand those going through similar challenges. They say we are all in this together, but the lines are blurred. Each of us handles stress and change differently. Some adapt, some react rather than respond, and this can leave raw open wounds. The only power anything has over you is the power you give it.

Your life path is sacred, because it’s yours alone…a wealth of explorations into the depths of your soul. Who better to explore you, than you? One of the quotes I hold close is from Anam Cara, The Book of Celtic Wisdom. “The purpose of this incarnation is not to have glossed over the table of contents, but to have explored in depth some of the most poignant and excruciating passages – your darkest hour was, in actuality your shining moment.” – John O’Donohue

Our personal experiences reflect what we consciously choose to experience – our life resonates accordingly. Energy in, energy out-put. Our intention governs the attention. It’s unfortunate that over time we have not evolved enough to contribute to the unity, peace, and oneness for the benefit of all life.

You have everything to gain by living courageously from your heart. Your heart will guide you – if you trust, not rush, the process. I believe the law of love is the creative force behind every good thing in our lives. Our physical, mental, emotional pain, confusion and frustration can be the key to our liberation. Old patterns keep us rooted in pain, fear, and separation from the light we are here to shine. Our emotions are a tricky thing. If we want to see what’s on the other side of old negative patterns, we must be willing to release them, choosing positive patterns that support our life.