A Perilous Journey on a Road Widely Traveled

Words are sometimes complicated. The rhythm can be out of sync with the feeling intended to transport the reader. Some say writing is a perilous journey on a road widely traveled. It feels new to me. Like taking a jaunt off the much traveled highway into the wilderness. I want to travel a path perhaps hiding under the cover of natures treasures. Sweeping away the leaves and foliage as I make my own pathway lit by the sun and the moon. I feel fresh, vital and alive. All senses alert, listening to the sweet rhythmic music of the words. No pressure to impress, only complete and utter trust in the message.

For you see – I am the messenger. This makes my job much easier. Think of me as the delivery girl. Manuscript in hand, I  walk towards my destiny, allowing myself to enjoy the journey. Sometimes I stop to rest, in other moments I feel a soft urge to press on. Every now and then I trip on the underbrush, but I have good balance and right myself quickly. This is an adventure, not a single moment of it is to be missed. I find myself making friends along the way. The breeze whispers in my ears. I see rainbows in the clouds and know I am heading in the right direction…


  1. Writing for me is new every time. I love the journey as it brings healing to myself and others. Thanks for sharing Debra xx

  2. Beautiful! Yes, you are a messenger! Thank you for sharing your lovely and heartfelt message!?

  3. Lovely words Debra! I too am examining how I speak and write my voice, living out loud.

  4. How beautifully poetic, Debra! I really feel the freedom you are walking through life with; a freedom fuelled by trust and an inner knowing that you are on the right track and it is leading you to a future that is coming towards you. I resonate with being a messenger, as often I call myself a ‘messenger of possibility’, just living life, having experiences and sharing them with others. Always trusting that whoever is meant to find what is share, will find it.

    • Debra Oakland says

      It’s the inner ‘knowing’ that is profound in many ways, isn’t it Beverly? We truly are messengers of possibility, and I agree, those who resonate to our messages will benefit in ways we may never know. It’s magical!

  5. What a lovely, expressive post! I never take the credit for what I write … I just write what I hear!

  6. I write at least a little every day to be a messenger. It feels wonderful.

  7. What beautiful writing, Debra! As a fellow writer, “being the messenger” really resonated with me. (It’s probably why I also align with Archangel Gabriel). Best wishes on your continued writing adventures.

  8. I just love love love this- spoke right to my heart, Yes you are the messenger and so am i and your poetic verse expresses your path so clearly. Yes the journey is so often perilous adore the image xo thank you

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you for your lovely reply Suzie – you are a messenger of the heart! xo