Realize and Utilize Your Talent: Resourcefulness

Realize and Utilize Your Talent: Resourcefulness

This article is by guest bloggers Nora Whalen & Jessica Dewell.

There are two types of talent: innate (the gifts you brought with you to this life) and learned (skills acquired through necessity and passion). How we look at each may effect how we chose to interact in the world around us, and deciding to move forward with what we know (which is the farthest thing from knowing everything) takes courage.

Innate talents are skills that come easy to you. These are things people around you admire, and you may not even think of these talents as skills because you’ve never had to work at them.

Learned talents that start with passion drive a desire to connect and stay open to ideas and connecting to people. Everything we do we seek out how it relates and can support the passion and the people we are connecting to.

There are also learned talents that are acquired through necessity. A need to solve an immediate problem. These skills come from a need for survival: buy gas to go to work, keep a roof over your head, dealing with difficult people or so many other very hard situations we find ourselves in we fail fast and quickly to find what works. Then we refine what works and keep working that skill until it becomes second nature. There is magic in that transition, and the culmination of our skills changes, the creating we do from learned skills becomes a part of who we are – and our creativity.

The moment when a skill becomes a part of doesn’t change who we are the process of working toward mastery makes us who we want to become. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, talks about studies that revolve around 10,000 of practice to make something reflexive – something that becomes a gift we inherently, without thinking, can share with others.

Your role in your business is to wear many hats. Entrepreneurs, team leaders, and team members all wear multiple hats in our roles. Our work is how we contribute to household, community, and the world.

“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kind and more open to what scares us. We always have this choice.” Pema Chodron

Be courageous. Own your innate talent. Embrace the journey of the skills you acquire each day and look at how they help you become the person you are supposed to be right now … and that courage weaves the stories of your experience together in the perfect way for you to leave your contribution to the world in the way you show up, create, and learn from experience.

Leverage your impact by banding together with others around a common idea or goal. Together there are more resources to use when receiving whatever situation comes your way. The beauty of differences in likes, talents, and focuses of energy that people can harness from each other is what collaboration is all about. The ability to receive gifts of others infinitely increases your potential – you don’t have to know it all. Nurtured networks support you when a situation pops up and you don’t have the answer, you know whom you can turn to.

Resourcefulness is at the core of Infusion Principle’s Your Advisory Board. The You’ve Got This Manifesto we wrote show you that you are more resourceful than you think you are. You already have a network. You are brilliant! Live each day courageously. Give your gift to the world. As Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche would say, “Live your life as an experiment.”

Here is a gift from us to you:

10 Tips to becoming more resourceful in business and in life:

1. Connect. Everyone that crosses your path has something to teach you. You may not know what it is at the moment, cherish the encounter to draw from it.

2. Take inspired action. Pay attention to the things that light you up. If the same thought keeps running across your mind, it could be for a reason.

3. Stop doing what you hate. Figure out what must be done, the tasks you enjoy doing, and the ones that you don’t. Create systems so that tasks you don’t like can be delegated.

4. Do what you love and do more of it. Filling your day with things that you love to do gives you more energy and inspiration to keep moving forward. The rest falls into place, or right off the radar.

5. Trust your instincts. Breathe before committing to anything. Respect the emotions that come up for you in a meeting or any situation.

6. Receive help. Knowing you don’t have the answer is the first step. Finding the resource or contact or direction to make a decision. Coaching, mentorship, masterminding are all instrumental ways to be stretched. Be open to receiving gifts you are seeking and ones shared with you through the connections you make.

7. Offer support. Offering support and energy where you can, being generous without expectations, will all grow you. You are your biggest asset, and through your talent and passion the things you do for your networks and your community show the world who you are.

8. Make your own path. If there is something you don’t like, do it your way. Do it differently. Be Yourself. Creativity and thoughtfulness is purposeful.

9. Give yourself permission. Open yourself up to failing. Each attempt gets you closer to where you want to go. Consider how to fail faster. The possibility of being an amazing success requires the courage to try.

10. Make it fun! Collaborate, ask questions, reach out – participate. Let go of the seriousness of it all and remember the journey is where the magic happens.

Your role in your business is to wear many hats. Entrepreneurs, team leaders, and team members all wear multiple hats in our roles. Our work is how we contribute to household, community, and the world. Resourcefulness works with what you have in the moment to make the best decisions possible – knowing that action will produce results to learn from and build upon.


Jess and Nora

Jessica Dewell and Nora Whalen of Infusion Principle. Business is a way of life that’s all about YOU! Specifically, knowing, honoring and caring first for yourself. Only when a person is whole and healed can they actually show up to support, give and receive. The process of creating (hobbies, earning a living, passions) generates opportunities to grow and explore. Infusion Principle isn’t simply the solution for one person or company. We are yours! This is why we provide experts with ideas and concepts directly related to the success of your business. Infusion Principle Members benefit from ongoing learning and the ability to submit questions to – and receive specific answers from – Jess, Nora and your own personal Advisory Board.

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