Remaining Rooted To Our Core

As I sat at the beach recently contemplating life, growth and the New Year, a tree seemed to whisper my name. This beautiful tree that I sat before was sharing it’s wisdom about remaining rooted to the center of our core, as it remains rooted to the earth, connected to Mother Earth, to source, just as we are.

The branches that are rising up from the earth are bare, twisted and gnarled.  There is a feeling of this intense journey that it has been through, as we have been through in our lives.  Rising above are these beautiful branches, full of growth.  Leaves and flowers reach out north, east, west and south to the light, enjoying the sun, moon and stars. . Swaying with the wind and breeze, withstanding any challenge with dignity, grace and peace.  This tree just continues to flourish, growing in different directions following the natural path of it’s life, direction and source.

I feel this is a wise illustration of how we can live our lives in courage and joy, in a most natural organic way.  After all Mother Nature is our “Master Tutor!”  Freely providing her gifts and secrets for anyone seeking her wisdom and love.  I am grateful, very grateful for all Mother Earth has to offer.