A Soul Visits Earth

A Soul Visits Earth

I’m happy…almost all the time. Lately I have been having semi-guilty thoughts about this, and no, I’m not Catholic or Jewish. There are a great deal of people grumbling about life, and I must admit I have felt a little reticent exhibiting my joy as I buzz about each day. What was I thinking? We need people to be positive, to spread good energy wherever they go. I gave myself a wake-up call and decided to be un-apologetically happy wherever I go, or as my friend Ande Lyons says, “Wherever I GLOW!

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The world is changing rapidly and not all of it is positive, but there are good people everywhere who want to help make this world a better place for all. We have our work cut out for us. For myself, I make conscious choices that support my life every moment of every day. It’s become a habit, and one I will never turn my back on. Sure, I have moments that aren’t all sunshine and roses, but those have become few and far between and I can handle life’s challenges with more grace now. I know I can’t snap my fingers and make an unhappy person happy, but what I can do is be a living example and spread good energy out in the world. Let me share a little story with you…

A soul is ready to visit earth and says to itself:

I am the alpha, the omega. I am the mysteries of the stars. I am the universe unfolding in all it’s ephemeral beauty. I create without limits, because I am made of of the elements of earth, air, fire and water. My place in this  life has been secured by the highest order. I belong to realms of joy-full exultation, music and dance, where love is the fuel of the soul. In the heart of every soul is a key to open the doorway to their origins. Blessed are the souls who take the initiative to bind themselves to truth, to the one law that governs all life. I am fearless, courageous and incorruptible in my ‘original’ innocence. Nature nurtures, guides and orchestrates a concert of awareness that floods my multi-body system with the spirit of peace and well-being. My roots are deeply secured in Gaia as I stretch toward heights of grandeur. There are no limits, except those I place on myself.

The story continues as the soul visits earth:

A young and enthusiastic child is born into a strange world. Everywhere the child wanders, there are barriers erected and rules to follow that stop the flow of this child’s emerging gifts. Sharing these gifts with the world is the ‘soul’ purpose and passion of the child. As time goes by, the child soon forgets the reason for visiting a planet filled with contrast, and begins to erect barriers and rules just like everyone else. The enthusiasm for life eventually drains the adult who is no longer an enthusiastic child. The purpose for coming to earth becomes elusive. Yet, the spark alive within still burns, waiting to be ignited.

One day while sitting in silence, a voice of clarity speaks, awakening and stirring the still small flame of hope. Listening closely, the heart speaks of the key, the doorway. Although the door had been temporarily closed, it was never locked. The doorway to the entrance is the heart – the true key. Can you imagine the epiphany, the re-awakening which occurred, simply because the childhood passion and purpose were reignited by simply listening? Life took on new meaning for this adult. Not being controlled by outside influences, living and creating from the inside out had became the order of the day. Joy-full life events unfolded as each gift rose to the surface to be shared with the world.

Is this a made up story, or  is it real? You decide. It may change your life. I know it changed mine.


  1. Thanks Debra for voicing this! Everywhere on social media there are posts saying how horrible 2017 was for them and I can not relate. I had a good year because I made it that way by setting certain goals and achieving them. No matter what circumstances we can choose our attitude. Happy 2018!

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you for you comment Lisa. I had a great year as well. Our life is our choice. 2018 will be awe-mazing!

  2. Beautiful Debra!

  3. I used to feel guilty about being happy and content as well until, like you, I decided that maybe that was what I was put here for, to teach other people that happiness is a choice, not just luck. Lovely, lovely story!

    • Debra Oakland says

      I agree Barb, we are way-showers and everything is a choice, moment by moment, day by day!

  4. Beautiful! There is so much truth in that…how we choose to live, how we exist as a pure soul, and how bogged down and buried our purpose often becomes. That blissful moment of awakening when the soul remembers who it truly is and why it is here, is beyond words! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Inspirational! There is grand beauty and wisdom weaved throughout this article. This is a powerful reminder that what we choose to believe impacts not only our story, but those surrounding us. The past year has proven to be the most challenging and heartbreaking. I am doing my best to focus on the blessings and not succumb to the naysayers and those who command me to ‘stop crying’. I’m a survivor; I never cried in front of anyone. Never. Now, with all that has happened, I value my tears as allowing myself the freedom to express my emotion in that particular moment. This rough ‘n tough gal is loosening up and embracing her tender heart. Life is an amazing adventure…

    • Debra Oakland says

      Cindy, you have been through a heartbreaking trauma. Loss, and the grief process is a personal and sacred journey. Through the healing process we learn much about the deep inner workings of ourselves as our life veers in unexpected directions. You are courageous my friend!

  6. Thank you for reminding us. It’s so easy to forget who and what we are. Happy new year! ?

  7. Enthralled as I read this story, Debra! I saw a children’s book that adults would also want to read.
    This part was so visually clear: “One day while sitting in silence, a voice of clarity speaks, awakening and stirring the still small flame of hope. Listening closely, the heart speaks of the key, the doorway. Although the door had been temporarily closed, it was never locked. The doorway to the entrance is the heart – the true key. ”

    So….is this your next book? Love yah! xo

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you Lore for your awesome comment. This is only a small part of a future book…it will be more about where the doorway leads. More to come! Love you xo