Susan Boyle's Got Courage

My friend Chris Cade ( just posted an amazing video on Facebook of Susan Boyle.  We have American Idol and the U.K. has Britain's Got Talent 2009.  I have to say that Susan Boyle's got courage.  You will get chills watching this.  There is a story to be told here about … [Read more...]

Stillness in Chaos

"Stillness In The Winds Of Chaos Is A Mighty Sword." ~~Debra Oakland~~ … [Read more...]

The Courage Of Enthusiasm & It's Rewards

Enthusiasm is very important for success in any endeavor.  Mediocrity is easy.  Achieving greatness takes different skills which require courage. These 2 quotes are  a favorite of mine from Og Mandino. ~~Og Mandino~~ "Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. … [Read more...]

Christian the Lion – Reunion with John Rendall & Ace Berg

John Rendall and Ace Berg found a cub for sale at Harrod's in a cramped space. They bought the cub and named him Christian. They played with Christian on the grounds of a church until he became to big to keep at home. The introduced him back into the wild of Africa. One year later they went to … [Read more...]

Pint Size Courage

I see people all over the world with disabilities that display so much courage. I see many who live off of the streets, suffering or leading lives of constant struggle. I prefer to write about people that get up and do something with their life. One of those people is 9 year old Christopher … [Read more...]