Book – The Angel Inside

One of my fun reads that I did not want to put down was “The Angel Inside” by Chris Widener. My husband and I have been to Florence where we fell in love with the city. This book took me back to a place I love to daydream about. Cody and I plan on spending much more quality time there in the future. When you read The Angel Inside you visit the statue of David, learn about the life and art of Michelangelo, while trusting the passion that lives within you will unfold.

This rock was originally cut for work before Michelangelo was even born. Three great artists, one very famous, could not see what the rock could be. Michelangelo knew there was an angel inside the rock.
As you read this book you will take a trip to one of my favorite cities in the world, salivate over the food, learn about the art, people, and living your passion. This book is a gem to read over the years.
I hope you enjoy “The Angel Inside” as much as I did. Many people did not know that Michelangelo was a writer. Here is a short sonnet he wrote which is from the book.

The Marble not yet carved can hold the form
Of every thought the greatest artist has,
and no conception ever comes to pass
Unless the hand obeys the intellect.