The Answer Is Always YES!

The universe says YES to you, always.  That’s it.  To anything you set your mind upon, it says yes, yes, yes.  Think negative, feel defeated, limited, old, undeserving – yes is the answer every time.  This is not rocket science!  Universal principles are simple, yet we complicate them to no end daily.  Living in courage is saying yes to life.  For example, you decide what you want,  the universe says a big fat yes, then you have thoughts or feelings of limitation, perhaps doubt or fear pop up.  Well, guess what the answer is – YES.  Without holding a crystal clear concise thought or feeling, we will only manifest less than a desirous outcome. Our consciousness cannot act on a mixed thought, feeling or message.  We manage to get in our own way so much, we experience a yo-yo effect.  Can you get out of the way of your own good?  I am working on this daily because it is an important principle to live by.  Is it easy? No. Will I give up? NO!  Old habits can be tough to change, but change they must, if they do not come from a place of love and joy.

I am writing about this during my own journey exploring these principles.  It seems we spend so much time chasing our tails in search of abundance, love, peace, youth, joy and a life well lived.  Frustration sets in when things don’t work out the way we “thought” they would.  Well, how can they, with mixed signals coming in?  We need to learn to be clear and concise.  It is essential to getting what we want out of life.  You may say, why does a criminal or despicable human get what they want?  Why do greedy or nasty people have money or harm good people?  All these questions pop up in our minds.  Think about it – these people have a single minded purpose, a clear concise thought and feeling.  Even though it is negative or evil, the universe says yes.  The universe always says yes.  Are you getting the picture?

Allow yourself a space to practice this.  Pick something small to work on, then, work your way up the ladder.  Not because the process does not work!  Because the human mind gets in the way. Remember that altered ego?  It is the small, and very loud voice in your head, that talks incessantly to you.  Re-train you altered ego to be a positive force in your life.  In that way you will have great assistance.  If you think you can manifest something bigger, while remaining unwavering in your conviction of purpose, by all means, go for it.

I challenge you to try it and get back to me with your results.  Can you do it?  Let’s work on this together, for there is not one of us that does not need more encouragement and courage in our lives.

In crystal clear, concise thoughts and feelings of love, I surround you with love and abundance this beautiful day.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online