What Does Joy Feel Like?


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“Where does depression hurt, Everywhere.” What about, “When your depressed where do you want to go, Nowhere.” How about this, “What do you feel like seeing, No one.” The larger percentage of these pharmaceutical commercials are filled with warnings about side effects, some fatal! Seriously? Pushing every kind of negative programming for profit at us from every angle. I understand there are people who need medication. I don’t understand the need to manipulate, program and push drugs at everyone!

My commercial would be “What does JOY feel like, Amazing!” Joy fills us with enthusiasm, inspires our creativity, happiness and good will. All the world looks full of possibilities. We feel strong, healthy and unstoppable. Why? Because joy is filled with the qualities of love. “Where do you want to go, Everywhere. What do you feel like seeing, Everything!” This is what we need to see on television (Tell-A-Vision – think about it!), our news stations, filling our newspapers and media. We have been and are being programmed. It all comes down to love or fear. What do you want to be programmed with? “I want a prescription for Joy please. OK, that will be free today and everyday ma’am, now you go on out there and spread the word.” Kind of like that. I choose to be programmed with joy and love…hands down!

Debra Oakland