When Will The Time Be Right For Me?

Living in Courage has a wonderful guest writer in Steve Tallamy.  This is an article that speaks to everyone. Big question, simple answer? Read on…

When Will The Time Be Right For Me?

Throughout my life, and never more so than in the last few years have I posed that question to myself or have been told, “It’s not the right time for you yet”.  It can be frustrating; you think the time is right so why aren’t things happening the way you expected, when will the time be right!!

You end up spending so much effort, thought, energy and time in trying to make ‘the time’ magically appear that it consumes you; you think there is something wrong with you, that the whole world and everything in it is conspiring against you, you doubt yourself and even those close to you – when will the time be right!!

The answer is inside of you, but you have to be at peace with yourself to be able to find it.  You are a part of Nature and just like everything else in Nature you need the right conditions to grow and mature into the fully developed end product (if indeed there is such a thing).

Species take millions of years to develop and evolve, the great trees of our world can take thousands of years to develop into the wondrous living, breathing, life giving beings that we see today, and some seeds wait hundreds of years waiting for a great fire or flood before they germinate.  They don’t need to go looking for the ‘right time’, they know it will come and lay dormant, at peace waiting, just waiting.

I’m not saying that you should lie in bed with the duvet over your head waiting for the right time, but just be patient, take time everyday to be at peace with yourself, quietly ask the questions and when the time is right it will appear.  Like seeds we all need different conditions before we find the right time, none of us learn at the same speed, none of us understand everything on the same level of intelligence so no one else can tell us when the time will be right or how to create it.

The world is changing rapidly, conditions are changing like mankind has never seen before, the time will become right for many of us who are waiting dormant, just waiting, quietly in tune with ourselves and Nature.  Just know inside of yourself that the time will be right soon, but don’t force it, be patient, prepare for it to arrive; the right time is coming for you and me.

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