Tune in, Tap in and Turn on Your Inner Power

Use your courage to tune in, tap in and turn on you inner power and light. We all have it, no exception. Enjoy the wonderful voice of Ester Hicks as she brings forth this message of positivity and inspiration. Living in Courage Online … [Read more...]

The End of Poverty

The End Of Poverty is a new documentary release directed by the brilliant Philippe Diaz. Imagine listening to politicians, economists, and leading experts in the world, along with the voices of people living in poverty. This movie is the first of it's kind. The End of Poverty asks why today 20% of … [Read more...]

Courage Drawn in the Sand – Kseniya Simonova

This is truly a powerful and moving video that touches the heart at a soul level.  A story of living in courage, written in sand animation by Kseniya Simonova, who exhibits such power and intention as she moves us through this story. A requiem to those who died during the patriotic war. Kseniya is … [Read more...]

Charter for Compassion – A Courageous Way To Live

The Charter for Compassion is the result of Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED Prize wish, made possible by the generous support of the Fetzer Institute. It will be unveiled to the world on November 12, 2009. You may wonder what Charter for Compassion is all about.  Their Golden Rule is to put themselves … [Read more...]

Courageous Global Climate Wake Up Call

A Global Climate Wake Up Call went out on Monday, Sept 21 2009.  Members of Avaaz and TckTckTck Campaign sent out a wake-up call to world leaders.  Courageous people gathered together in 134 countries.  There were over 2,600 events from Australia to Europe which reached heads of state and cabinet … [Read more...]