10 Reasons Goals Fail

I found a great blog post on a website today titled 10 Reasons Goals Fail. I found # 9 to be something I can personally relate to. There are things in our life we have never attempted, because we thought we may fail. I now have the courage to try new things, as I hope you do. Here is a quote from the blog:

9. People quit to soon. How many things never happen because people quit. All of the successful people have had to persist far far longer than they wanted to. How would you get away without it? You will see tough times, but haven’t you already. Stay glued to information that can help you forge ahead.

Won’t you try something new today? Accelerate Your Success. Even if it is something simple, it will help you break out of old patterns or habits. If we don’t explore all that life has to offer, it can get boring and we get stuck. No one likes to be in a rut. The adventures in life are a lifeline that will pull you up and out of that rut and into a life well lived.

Here is to the adventurous soul in all of us. Life should be fun. Go out and have a great day.
Debra Oakland