Be An Architect of Courage

I am so inspired by people right now.  I see people around the world coming together for great change.  In the face of change I see Courage. It is deeply ingrained in our essence, our soul.  Courage can be tracked through the history of the world, it is an essential part of our humanity.

Maybe you think courage is reserved for heroes, yet it is a quality in each one of us that drives us forward, moving us in a new direction – it  whispers in our ear.  What is courage?  You are, I am, we all are. I am here to remind you, just in case you may have forgotten.  Never forget – courage in one is courage in all.

Think back through your life. You will remember many times when inner strength and courage were required.  These qualities helped push you forward through whatever was challenging you.  We are here to live our best life.  In doing so we encourage those around us.  Let’s all live our best life together as the true Architects of Courage we are.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online