Courageous Choices Can Change Your Life

Put your toes in the water of all that you are.  Taste the perfection of you, feel it, experience it. If you are not ready for a full meal yet, well then, start by taking little sips at a time.  Anticipate, use great courage to be in a place of discovery about yourself.  Have no value in holding on to fear and judgement, which closes the door to everything.  When you move past the negatives, you instantly give yourself the ability to go past anything that a moment ago was limiting you.  Move past the former inablility to see yourself as you truly are, which is courageous, strong, powerful, energized and beautiful in your self growth. No one can do this for you.  Nothing outside of you can do this for you.

A whole mind conceives and comes forward with brilliant ideas and seeks to act on those ideas.  A split mind does not conceive, it perceives – perception.  The power of qualification is the ability to say “this is what is going to happen in my life.”  People misqualify by worrying about an outcome or a present experience that may lead to a worse experience in the future.  We have to conscious of what is going on in our thoughts and feelings. People don’t realize how they handicap their experiences later in the day or the week.  We have the power to put things out there energetically. We qualify every day.  Worrying (destructive activity) compels the mind to make the feeling and emotional body move into fear. Use inner courage to keep you strong.

Have the ability to see beauty where no beauty seems to be.  There is a powerful part of you that knows the answer before the question is even asked. Tap into that power by taking control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Paint your life with courage.  The world out there seems pretty scary, but remember, old systems are breaking down as new systems are moving into place.   Don’t let fear or the world control you any longer.  The old systems are breaking down because they don’t work for the good of the people, for the good of the whole planet mother earth.  Life intended us to live in peace, harmony, love, health, wholeness and wellbeing. Take the time to qualify your day and make powerful choices every morning when you rise and every night before sleep.  Move into a state of anticipation, expectation and knowingness.  Create joy and miracles in your own life and the lives of others.

Debra Oakland @ LivinginCourageOnline