Every Season Of Your Life Is A Time For Transformation

By Steve Tallamy

What a wonderful time to be writing about transformation, with the world of nature undergoing a massive season of change.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere Spring has blossomed whilst for those in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn is heading their way.  Mother Nature is forever in a period of transformation and so are we, it is the natural progression we must all go through to grow and expand.  We often simply live in the season that we are in at any particular moment without connecting to the bigger picture of what is happening all around us ~ Transformation!

So many people go through their lives as if on a treadmill, constantly taking the same old steps day after day without any change, not realizing that they have the power within themselves to alter the speed or to momentarily stop their world from running away with them.  Transformation takes time and we all need to make that time available, it is a lifetimes work; we can make as many small changes as we like but unless we find the time to nurture them properly they will disappear like so many broken promises scattered to the winds.

Nature takes her time, it’s taken her millions of years to reach the point She is at now, yet still She changes, adapting, regenerating and producing new improved versions of herself.  We only have a very short time in comparison, which is why we must not waste time and energy on the things we don’t or no longer want in our lives.  The time for transformation is now and it is important that we learn to treat every moment as a precious gift to be used wisely and fruitfully.  Filling our lives with the things we want and discarding the rest is transformation.  Being who we want to be instead of what others try and make us be is transformation.

Whatever season of your life you are in, whether it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter; what you are experiencing has happened before in another time and place, and will happen again and again, it’s the cyclic change that’s nature’s way.  Knowing that, you can prepare to transform your future NOW!   You know whats to come, you’ve been through it, you know what you like and don’t like and you know what you want and don’t want.  So this is your opportunity to change the speed on that treadmill, get off it if you need to and begin the transformation you long for.  Time = Transformation ~ don’t waste it, grow with it and expand into the multi-seasonal being you truly are.

Steve Tallamy

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