I Am Because We Are – Book & Film


I love people who do courageous things.  They are usually people who are controversial, yet they get things done.  I admire what Madonna has done for children in Malawi and Africa.  I see that as Living in Courage.  The next time you want to judge another persons action – Don’t.  It will only come straight back to hurt only you.

I am recommending an amazing book “I Am Because We Are” written by Madonna and photographed by award-winning photojournalist Kristen Ashburn .  This beautiful and powerful book is about Madonna’s 7 year journey and work with the children and people of Malawi and Africa.  I quote from the blog:

“The title is derived from the concept of “Ubuntu,” an idea in African spirituality that states that all of humanity is connected, that we cannot be ourselves without community, that an individual’s well-being is dependent upon the well-being of others.  These heart-wrenching stories are a call to action. In Malawi, a country of 13 million people, over one million are orphans. Looking into the hearts and minds of children who have endured unimaginable suffering, the book provides an unflinching view of life at the center of the global AIDS crisis. This is not just a story about orphans in Malawi, but about global responsibility and human interconnectedness.”

If you are interested in the documentary film, visit I Am Because We Are blog about the film.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online