I See Your Courage, Do You?

There are possibilities, probabilities and certainties in life.  There is believing, and then there is knowing.  There is perceptual mind (tree of knowledge, altered ego) the OLD mind set that loves to question your choices and dreams. That’s the hard way of doing things. Then there is the conceptual mind (tree of life) the NEW mind set, the whole mind.  This is the easy way to do things.  Be very clear that your consciousness will go out and do things for you.  Make a decision about what you are going to do.  Let your consciousness go out, drawing to you everything that is required to fulfill your desires. Become a courageous magnet for the life you want.

The altered ego is the massive liar.  It loves to set you up, telling you that all manner of things are going to happen in your life.  The altered ego has had a ring through our nose, leading merrily on it’s way.  Be courageous and take control of your life.  How?  You create.  How do you create? Think, feel, and turn to what you are desiring.  Put your desires out as the most powerful declarations of intentions, and set them into perpetual motion.  You will be wise to remember not to listen to the altered ego’s  what, when, why, where, how, but and if’s.  It loves to trip you up.  Be the messenger for yourself.   Be kind and gentle with yourself.

What kind of a day, month or year are you going to have?  If you are waiting for something good to happen, yet you take no action (mentally, physically and spiritually) then don’t be surprised when things don’t work out.  It is important to pre-pave your life.  Feel it, think it, breathe it.  Remind the altered ego that you are not trying to destroy it, but want to bring it back into a balanced state of action.

Remember, don’t hold on to anything.  Life loves to be in perpetual motion.  Many times we get in the way , which plugs up the flow of the gifts trying to reach us.   Keep everything flowing, and you will see the proof yourself.  Set up a little mantra “I let everything flow easily and effortlessly in my life.”  Gratitude is a most important part of the journey. I hope you find the tools I present to you of  value.  Add each one to your tool belt of life.  I applaud your success as you move up the ladder of your highest and greatest good.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online