Imagine A Life Without Fear – Can You?

Imagine A Life Without Fear. Can You?

“The biggest illusion is fear creating monsters that are only shadows which dissolve in the light of love.” – Debra Oakland

Imagine, a life without fear! Let’s stop and think about how this feels for a couple of minutes. Feels good to me, how about you? To be free of fear we have to know what we are afraid of. Fear is a very large family who love inviting you in to play. Fear is an illusion that we have connected to so powerfully, we think it is real. But where did fear come from?

It all starts in our minds, then fear enters our feeling body and all hell breaks loose in our outer world. How did it get there you ask? Programming from other people who pass on their well meaning (and sometimes not so well meaning) thoughts and opinions gathered from their experiences, but, those experiences don’t need to be yours. You are the decision maker in your life, right? If not, you are open to malleability and can be manipulated into hanging out with this huge family that will embrace you.

BEWARE!!! Criticism, Judgement, Gossip, Blame, Jealousy and a whole host of relatives are just waiting to open their door to you. They have lots of friends, are always adding more, but don’t really care about you. An agenda of feeding their own selfish means is the main objective.

Now let’s visit the folks over in the neighborhood across the street. Imagine a life filled with love and all that love entails. This family is eager to invite you in as well, but they have no agenda – only that you are Happy, Joy-full, Abundant, Power-full, Peace-Full and dancing to the tune of your soul’s greatest passion. You have the choice to de-program and re-program yourself to begin living the life you create by design. A life filled with your purposeful passion that stirs the fires in your soul at the deepest level. That’s what love does so beautifully. I hope to see you round the block!

Debra Oakland