Mental Chatter Can Lead to Clarity

silhouette of a horse and rider galloping

Mental chatter can lead to clarity. Today I had more than my share of chatter and needed some mental clarity. I found out that some important aspects of my upcoming book were not in order, this was news to me! Panic for a few minutes. Then, a bit of self-pity and distraction thrown in for good measure. I have worked so hard, why this?

Growing up on horse ranches allowed me to hop on my horse and ride into the wind to clear my head. Looking in the mirror deep into my eyes, I said, “Enough, if this is happening, it is happening for a reason. Saddle up Sally, get some clarity and courageously take steps to remedy the situation.”

I had to remind myself:

As you become skilled at quieting the mental chatter and listening receptively, you orient the flow of energy and enlightenment from Spirit through Self into physical manifestation.

The seed idea has been planted. Once it is accepted into your mind or consciousness, creation begins. The pattern is cut from universal light and can bring the vague into focus, the concept into clarity, the unformed into form and substance.

An example would be the manifestation of a desire. Our feelings connect to the mental body to permeate the thought form with light in a rhythmic manner until the manifestation appears. The seventh concept in this book ties all the concepts together through rhythm.

Our feelings are extremely important, full of powerful frequencies of energy that connect to our thoughts, creating momentum. The power of our intention, and the attention we give it, will determine how quickly we see results and how long they will last. It gives us clarity.

Hold a sense of ‘knowing,’ rather than ‘believing.’ Knowing connects us powerfully to the finished form; believing carries hope, but for some, a bit of doubt. Put another way, knowing-ness is when the soul sees the possibility as a shape of reality.

I am back in the saddle and kickin’ up some dust as I fly courageously along the self-publishing trail with more clarity each day.

Debra Oakland