On The Precipice

person standing on mountain precipice

We are no closer to peace than we have ever been

Cycles flow through every age in time, and there is an equilibrium that has been lost, hijacked and hopelessly out of the hands of the many, and remains (quite precariously) in the hands of the few. You couldn’t write a more bizarre script, but it has been written and we are on the precipice because we believed the narrative. Those who wrote, continue to write, and edit the story have kept humanity separate, fearful, frustrated and at each others throats. For this, they are facing a smack down of unequaled proportions. As a result, humanity will be affected in a variety of ways. Revelations are coming to light daily, and as they do, the stories will reach a fever pitch. We see it in and around the world, in private conversations, on a variety of news and media sources. Oh, and pretty much everywhere you look.

What’s the solution to this unending conundrum?

Everyone seems to have an answer, just as every generation before us. From my vantage point, pretty much the same old story playing out. Look where it’s gotten us, and it’s cost. If I could push a magic button, voila, we wake up to an important mission to participate in, one that will lead to peace and justice. Although it makes me a bit sad, it also strengthens my resolve. I feel a strength, a power that is unshakable, incorruptible and ready for whatever comes next. I will stand in my courageous power, as an anchor for good, for integrity, for peace. There are things we can’t change that end up changing us. Yet, there is much we can change…we need all hands on deck! Let’s be responsible stewards of this life on Earth. We have a powerful voice when we step off the precipice and come together in unity.

Here are a few tips to bring more peace into your life

  • Be Kind.
  • Pave your own road. It’s up to you weather it’s smooth or full of potholes. Put a few speed bumps in so you slow down when needed.
  • Times of stress can be signals for growth, you can grow through adversity. If you don’t get uncomfortable, you will never grow.
  • Be accountable for your choices. Make ‘conscious choices’ that support your life and those of this planet.
  • Do your best not to bully or get triggered from opposing viewpoints.
  • Take the time to respond versus react, which helps you expand rather than contract.
  • Respect yourself and others will respect you. Set boundaries when and where they are needed.
  • Be of service with no expectations, forge new relationships, be a good listener and embrace an attitude of gratitude.
  • Show integrity in all you say and do. If you promise something – deliver. Don’t justify the means for the end. In other words, keep your agreements.
  • Don’t try to force people to see things your way.
  • If you want to change your life and make a difference in the world, lead by example.
  • Take your power back from wherever you have left it.
  • Do not be swayed by the family of FEAR which is False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Have the courage to broaden your perspective.
  • Embrace the present moment. NOW = your Naturally Occurring Wonder.
  • Remember you are the writer, director, editor, producer and STAR of the movie of your life. Make your life movie one you are proud to share with the world.


  1. Sally Coles says

    Great article! Good reminder that whatever is happening in the outside world we can stand in our power and find peace.
    Stay the course of our own integrity and continue to be the light and loving souls we are.