Peace IS Your Action Hero

“I AM blessed in peace and harmony. I AM a fascinating symphony.” — Debra Oakland 

Peace is not weak or powerless, and neither are you. No one is you and that is your superpower! Choosing peace taps you directly into your inner power station. Peace is your action hero, a concentrated activity bringing harmony into every space it occupies. We all have a favorite action hero (male or female) who faces threats in unique ways, taking courageous action. They confront fear face to face and never stop until peace prevails! Our action heroes find solutions and translate them into action. It takes the power of our attention to hold peace in a world less than peaceful. Peace is active, and if we wish to have it, we must participate with it. Find the action hero living in you.

Everyone has experienced situations with family members, friends, or people we work with who have presented us with a challenge. It takes inner control to remain peaceful, to respond, rather than react. Reacting and responding are birds of a different feather. Reacting gives us no time; responding gives us time to peacefully choose a non-reactive direction. Peace is the best option, yet the need to be heard or defend ourselves is second nature.

If you feel like reacting, ask yourself, “What is triggering this reaction inside me?” Have you heard the saying, “What you resist persists”? The more we fight against someone or something, the slower we move forward toward a peaceful resolution. Be responsible for your reactions and actions. If you have created a difficulty, find a workable solution that targets peace and brings mutual harmony to the table. If time allows, I have personally found waiting three days before responding is golden! This allows everyone to cool their jets, giving all parties involved an opportunity to gain a new level of perspective, providing the best outcome.

In the presence of someone speaking discordantly, try mentally repeating, “I choose peace” as they are talking. Use an image, thought, or words to keep you calm, holding the feeling as you listen to the message they are conveying. When a conversation is heading in a negative direction, throw in a positive response or two and notice how the flow changes!

Being in control of our thoughts and feelings, rather than controlled by them, keeps stress and anxiety levels low and vibrational frequencies high. Imagine how people feel when others have an agenda to take their power away by controlling them. This causes resentment and lowers vibrational frequencies for all involved. Giving our power away simply does not feel good. Even though some will allow it, the higher road is to honor people with kindness, understanding, and peaceful respect.

It’s easy to remain peaceful in a quiet, prayerful, meditative state or while living undisturbed from the inside out. When the outer world pulls on us, and it does, this gives us an opportunity to test our inner strength. Remember — peace is power.

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”  — Author Unknown



  1. Powerful.
    For me it brings to mind the turmoil we are facing in our country today. Because of external unrest people are living in total fear. No one knows how tomorrow will looks like in the affected regions.
    If only we could find inner peace to see us through…

    • Debra Oakland says

      Much turmoil to be sure Leila – but out of turmoil comes change. Our entire world needs to shift, and it benefits us to find the peace within to see us through until peace becomes a conscious choice for all.

  2. I truly believe that it takes more strength and courage to choose peace than to lash out. Beautiful post.

  3. Thank you Debra for your wisdom. When I have felt reactive lately, I stopped, paused and took a breath. It was then I moved forward. This is an intense time of awakening for all of us. Healing comes from peace not fear.

    • Debra Oakland says

      This truly is an intense time of awakening Lisa…it’s palpable. The family of peace is to be embraced with all our heart and soul.

  4. Wish I’d remembered this a week ago, ” If time allows, I have personally found waiting three days before responding is golden!” Instead, I allowed my rage over what transpired with my college and lack of admonishing an anon, alum who attacked me go unchecked. I wrote to heal. The words still stand. I just wish I ha taken a few more days to cool down…

    • Debra Oakland says

      This is a reminder we need when tempers flare Lore. I needed this reminder this week when someone who does not know me treated me very badly. Writing is the way we writers heal. Peace Hugs!

  5. Wonderfully expressed Debra. Never underestimate the power of peace. The way of the Peaceful Warrior outlined by Dan Millman has inspired me for many years. Thank you.

  6. Having peace is wonderful. When I stay close to who I truly am and my spirituality, it is there. Thank you for your post.

  7. Hi Debra. I love this post. The subtlety of peace is very often overlooked as our bodies are overloaded with more vocal, more pronounced sentiments and emotions. But, you are right, there is tremendous power in peace. I really appreciated the way you wrote this post. <3

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you Krystal for your thoughtful comment – this is a subject close to my heart. We need to feel passion about peace, because it contains so much power. xo

  8. I just love this Debra, yes I choose peace and I love you inspirational words on your image , spoke right to my message this week. Thanks you xxx

  9. “I choose peace.” What a powerful statement, Debra. This is a inspirational post that encourages us to look inward at our reactions and beliefs. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Peace is the best way forward – especially in times of challenge and adversity. Love to you!