Self Alignment – Are You In?

As I lay in bed with the strange sensation of vertigo, I have been contemplating life and the seeming inability for humanity as a whole, to change.  I have often talked about the garden of our consciousness.  Pulling weeds, then planting seeds of love, wisdom, peace, gratitude and grace.  All watered with unity.  As we make a conscious effort to make changes within ourselves from the inside out, shifts occur.

But what about our Higher Selves? The true perfection of who and what we are.  Imagine our Higher Self, or Presence trying to plant just ONE seed of a Universal Law inside us. One that can be nourished and grow!  Not easy to do, as we all run around busy busy, trying to survive in the “outer” world.  That one seed could deliver our true identity, or some information critical to our survival as a species, or our gift – the passion in life we came here to live.  I want that connection, don’t you?

This is two fold.  One, by taking responsibility for our own life’s garden. Two, by being receptive to a more important message from our one true source.  It’s time to take the blinders off, to get busy living our true authentic life.  Not the person the world thinks we are, or expects us to be.  Reaching inside gives us the courage to look deeper, past what is in the “outer” world.  Only by living from the inside out, will we survive on this planet.  Unity is critical at this point.  Everyone needs to come to terms with the fact that we have created quite a mess down here.  We do have the ability to re-align ourselves and this beautiful planet, back to the original state of purity/perfection of creation. Our responsibility is to our Creators, the Collective, Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms.  It is time to return to that divine place in our hearts that will heal everything, bringing us all back into alignment.  Are you in?

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online