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Serene, calm, and beautiful is how I would describe this photo of the sun rising over Corte Madera Creek. One of the reasons I love to get up early is the joy I feel as I see sunrises over the creek behind our home. The beautiful, calm, and serene views give me great joy and a feeling of serenity. Seeing the photo, above, brings back those feelings. I hope you feel them as you look at the photo now.

Serenity. I love to see that word. I love what it means and how it feels. I love how I feel in places and thoughts that are serene.

Serenity feels good. Just seeing the word, hearing the word, and saying the word – to myself or out loud – reminds me of how serenity feels.

Serenity feels calm, peaceful, relaxed, and present. It feels like joy.

The word serenity brings to mind places I’ve visited that feel serene.

One of the reasons I loved to visit my Mom’s home during the summers was that I always felt surrounded by serenity. I loved to sit near the pool and talk with her. We could hear a stream flowing by behind us. The clear, sparkly aqua water of the pool was right in front of us. The bright blue of the sky and the warm golden sunshine helped us feel relaxed and serene.

The first time I saw The Serenity Prayer was in my grandmother’s art studio. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

My grandmother had a copy of the prayer on her easel. She saw that prayer every time she worked on one of her oil paintings. When I think back to the paintings she created, they were all beautiful and serene.

My grandmother’s home was always serene. Serenity must have been one of her core values. She created a home that was beautiful, clean, and always serene. My grandmother’s birthday was in July so it feels like the perfect time for me to be writing about serenity!

Serenity is healing to our mind, body, and spirit. It calms us, and it is calm. It is beautiful and blissful.

Picture yourself in a serene place.
Where are you?
What do you see?
What do you hear?
What do you feel?

Serenity is a “place” we can go whenever we are willing to close our eyes and visualize it. You can choose to do it for 2-5 minutes whenever you want to feel the tranquility that serenity gives as its gift.

Article by – Margaux Joy DeNador who is a life coach, writer, and speaker. To find out more about Margaux please visit her website at

Photo: Corte Madera Creek Sunrise MJOY