The Courage Of Jack Hennings – Stem Cell Transplant Survival

I want to talk to you about my courageous friend Jack Hennings.  He has a miracle story, which speaks of Living In Courage to me.  In 1993 Jack found out he had Leukemia - Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia throughout his whole body.  At one point his bone marrow was 98% impacted, with only 2% viable and … [Read more...]

Brenden Foster Lived & Died In Courage

Brenden Foster died on Friday November 21st. This 11 year old boy lived a life of courage few of us can imagine. Brenden was diagnosed with Leukemia 3 years ago, yet he said "I am having a great time and until it is my time, I am going to keep having a great time." What a wise courageous … [Read more...]