Teaching Through Actions Versus Words

Teaching Through Actions Versus Words

Our hearts are in the right place but our actions tell the true story

Children learn through repetition starting at home, expanding into the world they are surrounded and influenced by. Many kids are raised to be confident, learning self-esteem and life affirming skills. Others learn to lie, how to use fear to manipulate others, that participation doesn’t count, etc. Many are waited on hand and foot, given everything, learning no vital skills to navigate life. When we give out, there is a return. When we do not, and nothing shows up in return – the blame game begins. Everything is energy.

We are each different in our own unique and varied ways

Babies are born with souls defining much about them. Parents often take on a role they are not prepared for, others thrive in this role. As we all know parenting is full of challenges. Children are dependent upon adults. Even though our hearts mean well, sometimes we veer in a direction that does not work for parent or child. It’s important to be a living example of the person we would like to see our children become.

As a parent you need to be in charge

Setting rules, guidelines, and certain limitations are extremely important in a young life. Children are inquisitive and love learning, so communicate the W’s and the reasons you feel the way you do. Communication is something lacking in many family’s. Technology has changed the way children are brought up, and I find much of it disheartening. Don’t get me started on teenagers…that’s a book in itself, as you all know.

You are the teacher

Teach what is important with love and compassion. Kindness is key, and as you know, not much escapes the eye of a child. We truly teach better through our actions than our words. Find time to share meals, support activities, cook together, play, explore, communicate, educate, hug and love together. Time goes by so very quickly and each stage of a young life brings shifting change, just as ours did growing up. Teaching the importance of consequences for every action = one powerful tool in a parents or guardians tool-kit. We all screwed up, some worse than others – reflect back on your own life for clarity, and enjoy a laugh or two. Be the light in your child’s life. Make sure they feel safe, appreciated and loved. What a great way to pay life’s lessons forward to future generations.



  1. This was an absolutely beautiful written article . Also a beautiful tribute to Willy, Cody’s sweet dad.