The Light at the "End of the Tunnel" is YOU!

The light at the end of the tunnel is YOU.  Are you waiting for a person, place or thing outside of yourself to be that light?  At the end of the day, only you can fully illuminate your life.

Imagine a room is in total darkness.  You can’t move the darkness out, carry it out or shout it out.  You can open a window to let the light pour in.  Then, voila, the darkness disappears.  Many things in life cultivate in darkness.  Baby’s grow in the mothers womb, seeds are planted in the darkness of the soil. At night, you can see the stars. We sleep in the darkness behind our eyes, taking  journeys throughout the universe.  We emerge into the light from all these different states. The light brings clarity, a sense of awareness and growth.  We feel alive and refreshed. Why? Because you are the light.  It is the stuff  you are made of.  Our true nature is divine beings of love and light.

Think of the garden of your consciousness.  Love, peace, courage, joy, abundance, happiness, health, creativity, success and an abundance of all good things exist. On the other side is fear, judgment, worry, doubt, criticism, unhappiness, limitation, sickness and disappointment.  Which part of the garden of your consciousness are you going to nurture with your attention? How much light are you going to shine in your own life? The light at the “End of the Tunnel” is YOU!

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online