The Winding Road To Self-Mastery

The Windy Road To Self-Mastery

There is a long and winding road to self-mastery. That is why self-mastery is respected and revered. Self-mastery makes me think of people who have gone through great challenges, yet once they reach the level of success they are seeking, they make their accomplishments seem easy because of the mastery attained. Spend time with others who have achieved success and you will hear the most fascinating stories of their travel adventures down that long and winding road.

What happens when your car overheats on a long and desolate road or your brakes give out heading down a winding mountain pass? The point here is that in life just like a long road-trip, small and large failures will occur. Especially when you are blazing your own trail, or in unknown territory. Just like in your car, there is a spare tire, coolant, extra water, survival kit and whatever essentials you may need. We need our internal emergency kit to be filled with courage, resolve, patience, ingenuity, confidence and problem solving skills. What road do you take when the rubber hits the road? There are times in life when AAA is not available!

How do I know this? Because I am on that road. I travel as fearlessly as I know how, embracing the guidance of my beating heart and the promptings of my soul. Self discipline takes us into territory we may wish to avoid. The road can become so long and winding that you find yourself wanting to get off on one of the next exits that read; Quit, To Hard, Too Scary, Turn Around. Any of these exits will lead you to a little town by the name of Quits-ville, which has a main street by the name of Broken Dreams Boulevard. Those are not good exits to take unless fear gets hold of the steering wheel and marks the end of your journey.

Don’t give in or give up. You may squirm in your seat, but if you stay buckled in, it will be the ride of your life! Any journey worth taking will have it’s ups and down’s, filled with joy, sorrow, exhilaration, failure, success, confusion – feel free to add to the list. Like any epic adventure we take in life and see to the end, the development of self-mastery is key on our journey toward your goal. The first step is putting the key in the ignition. Get your Vroom Vroom on!

Debra Oakland