Trusting In Nature

Here is my friend Steve Tallamy’s monthly article (August 2010) for Living in Courage.  Thank you Steve, I love this article!

The Article I Didn’t Want You To Read!

A few months ago I started to write an article for Debra to share with you here but after rereading it on more than one occasion I didn’t think it good enough to grace her wonderful website. So I stuck it my Work In Progress folder with the intention of reworking and fishing it another time. I didn’t want you to read it as it was!

Then Debra insisted (she can be quite insistent, have you noticed?) that I read the ‘Ringing Cedars’ series of books by Vladimir Megre about ‘Anastasia’ and her dream of changing the world and mankind back into a state of purity. I won’t harp on about the books here as Debra has featured them in her newsletter this month and I have been mentioning them non-stop.

Suffice to say here that once I started to read the ‘Anastasia’ books I couldn’t put them down; there was so much to think about in each chapter that I couldn’t wait to get started on the next one. As I read each page I began to realize that the article I had written, the one I didn’t want you to read, bore an uncanny relationship to what I was reading. So bearing in mind that the following is not the finished article (excuse the terrible pun – I’m English) here is what I didn’t want you to read.

Trusting In Nature

By now you will know that I have a great love of Nature and a passion for gardening. But I am what my family and friends call a ‘lazy gardener’, to which I always reply, “I’m not lazy, I trust in Nature and what she wants to grow will grow and what she doesn’t want to grow – just won’t grow, simple.”

You see when I sow seeds or buy a new plant I don’t read all the instructions about what kind of soil it prefers, how often it should be watered and fed, when it should be sown or planted; Hey, you don’t see labels hanging off the trees and bushes in Nature do you! I don’t do any of that, I just find a vacant piece of soil and sow the seeds or plant the plant, that’s it.

What I do spend a bit of effort in doing is to find ‘heritage’ seeds and plants, the old varieties that over the years and seasons Nature has nurtured and naturally given an advanced immune system and survival instincts. These to my mind are so much more likely to mature given the growing methods I use than the artificial hybrid varieties, plus of course it helps to keep the life-line going for future generations to grow and naturally develop.

My theory is this, if you love and trust in Nature she will do all of the hard work for you, she will supply the sun the rain and the natural goodness for the plant to grow, and grow it will, if she wants it to. If she doesn’t then it won’t, trust her and don’t plant those types of plant there again, try something different and see if Nature likes that one better. The thing that annoys people the most it that despite them spending a fortune on special feeds, fertilizers and composts, spending every waking hour feeding and watering, pruning and weeding, their plants often than not fare a lot worse than mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I do water my garden from time to time and hoe up a few weeds but I don’t make it a chore. I love and trust in Nature and she responds in kind.

The End – Sort of!

Well that’s it, you’ve read it now, and if you have read any of the books in the ‘Ringing Cedars’ series you will see the connection. Love and Trust is so much better than chemicals, artificial fertilizers and man made hybrids, not only in gardening but in every other aspect of life too. The big bonus is that we already have both of those components love inside of us and they came free of charge …use them daily, they create miracles!

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