You Are Worthy!


The icy knight in darkness.

“Worthiness is a direct link to your inner and outer peace. When you feel worthy, you are more confident, productive and happier.” – Debra Oakland

You are worthy! How do you feel when you hear those words? Do you feel good enough, that you matter, or is monkey mind (negative ego) telling you a different story? Inside you exists qualities you may have forgotten or tucked away for a “safe” time. What qualities do you see in yourself that resonate with your confidence and magnificence?

Some people try to be perfect, which can cause a sense of unworthiness in itself. Others don’t try at all because they feel beaten down by the circumstances in their life, and what they see in the outer world. When we think we are perfect, it is to protect ourselves from the fear that others will think we are not. At the end of the day, most people like down to earth, authentic individuals. I know I do!

How do we connect with the courage inside, to have the ability to lead a well-lived life despite what goes on around us? Simply by connecting to our inner source of love, wisdom and power. If you think you will be worthy after you change jobs, lose weight, find a new relationship, have more money or any of the thousands of reasons we humans come up with, think again. Your worthiness does not come from the outer world, your true worthiness comes from your inner world.

Owning up to who you are and looking at yourself in a compassionate way can heal many wounds & hurts. When we feel good enough about ourselves on a daily basis, worthiness can be our traveling companion through thick and thin.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “If you do not feel worthy, you will disrupt the natural flow of energy into your life and create a blockage that makes manifestation impossible. Remember that you are worthy of abundance. Feeling worthy of any blessings or desires is a feature of your inner life.”

Make peace with yourself inside and out, where you will find wonders awaiting your beautiful worthy gorgeous self. Feel worthy to win the game of life you came here to play!

Debra Oakland