Your Imagination Is Your Workshop

I was thinking about the power of  imagination, and what it can do for everyone who chooses to use it.  Your imagination is your workshop.  There is nothing to limit you in any way.  As an added bonus, it’s FREE! The best things in life really are free.  There is a feeling of empowerment attached to creating anything you can imagine.  To being limitless.  Don’t you find yourself getting excited just thinking about it?  I know I do.  As children we use our imagination endlessly, sometimes re-running the same sequences over and over in our minds.  We felt inspired and alive, believing in possibility.  Anticipation and expectation filled our beings.

Spending time creating in your imagination,  puts you in contact with powerful invisible forces.  Be fearless.  This is a safe place for you to spend quality time.  Create, relax and enjoy anything you can dream of.  Image something formless into form by visualizing in your minds eye.  Your emotions are brought into action which creates feeling. This makes you receptive.  You can choose to use this constructively, or destructively, so choose wisely.  Free will belongs to you, as does the power of concentration.  If you have created patterns in your life that you would like to reverse, visit your workshop to create the life you want.

As you continue spending time in your workshop, you will find your life shifting. What you focus on expands, creating manifestations in the outer world.  Your inner world gives you a place to make choices and decisions, regarding your life.  You are connected to the higher source of all your good, to infinite intelligence, from all time and space.  Focus like a laser beam on the expected results.  And most of all, have fun creating.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online