Creativity is YOU – The Core Of Your Being

Creativity comes in as many forms as we do We are creative beings, it's part of our inner core. When we are not creating, it feels as if our life force is draining away. Writing, art, music, sculpture, gardening, photography, fashion, cooking, theater, acting,  movie-making, living the movie of our … [Read more...]

Imagine Beyond Your Circumstances

Can you imagine beyond your circumstances? For anything new to be made visible in the world, it must first be seen in the mind. Your imagination is key to creativity, hope, and motivates your mind to direct your dreams into reality. I think of it as focused concentration. After all, you are the … [Read more...]

Your Imagination Is Your Workshop

I was thinking about the power of  imagination, and what it can do for everyone who chooses to use it.  Your imagination is your workshop.  There is nothing to limit you in any way.  As an added bonus, it's FREE! The best things in life really are free.  There is a feeling of empowerment attached to … [Read more...]

Do Not Let Anyone DisCourage You!

Have the courage not to let anyone tell you - you can't achieve your deepest dreams and desires.  There are naysayers everywhere in the world.  The worst crime to me is discouraging anyone from their soul's desire.  Don't shut that part of you off, it is there because it is the core of who you are.  … [Read more...]

Imagination by Andy Dooley

You are the master creator of your reality, It is your imagination that holds the key. Unlock your treasure chest and open your heart, Pour out all your love, and live the part. All your dreams are waiting for you, Love yourself and follow through. Andy Dooley … [Read more...]