Creativity is YOU – The Core Of Your Being

Creativity comes in as many forms as we do

We are creative beings, it’s part of our inner core. When we are not creating, it feels as if our life force is draining away. Writing, art, music, sculpture, gardening, photography, fashion, cooking, theater, acting,  movie-making, living the movie of our life, and a million other forms of creativity sparks our soul into action. As we individually express ourselves creatively, we feel a sense of soul satisfaction. Coming together to create with others can challenge us, bringing us to new heights of accomplishment.

As children we create by playing and using our imagination

Think about how we used crayons to color, and pencils to draw and write. Enthusiasm was front and center as we looked out at the world with wonder. Possibility everywhere – ripe for the fertile mind. We grow up re-inventing the old, as very little in the world is truly new. Our toolbox of creative expression – beginning with playing as a child, takes us forward throughout life. Critical judgement is something best left behind, as your inner voice can tell you, “What you are creating is not good enough” or monkey mind saying, “You’re not good enough.” Fear of creating can be devastating IF we listen to the voice in our head, or those outside ourselves that do not serve us. Creativity is our birthright – the core of our being, and a divine gift.

Studies can be surprising

A study from NASA. Scientists tested 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5. What they found shocked them and it delighted me. This is a test that looks at the ability to come up with new, different and innovative ideas to problems. What percentage of those children do you think fell into the genius category of imagination? Click the NASA link above to find out. Another study shows that creative activity slows the aging process. Not surprising is it? As a rule, creative people are more open minded, less influenced by the analytical mind. Linear is so sensible! I read an article in the The Creativity Workshop that stated, “It turns out that the parts of the brain that we use in ‘business as usual’ thinking are totally switched off when we are being creative, whereas other parts of our mind that we do not use everyday are quite active.”

Creativity conclusion

You get where this is going, right? Creativity is critical to the well-being of our body, mind and spirit, all part of the core of who we are. One creative idea can trigger another and another…isn’t that delightful!