Do Not Let Anyone DisCourage You!

Have the courage not to let anyone tell you – you can’t achieve your deepest dreams and desires.  There are naysayers everywhere in the world.  The worst crime to me is discouraging anyone from their soul’s desire.  Don’t shut that part of you off, it is there because it is the core of who you are.  Your Inner Guidance System knows exactly what you need.  Sometimes when we listen to our Inner Guidance and take action, people around us come up with all kinds of reasons why things won’t work out.  As a child didn’t you use your imagination and intuition all day long?  Trust that.  Go back to opening yourself to letting go of all the old “stuff” that holds no value for you any longer.  Say Yes To Life and No to Fear and Doubt.

Free yourself from old, boring, useless time wasting habits.  Free yourself from people who drag you down. Free yourself from anything that keeps you from your goals. Focus like a laser beam. You are powerful and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  Find people who support you in your excellence. What do you want?  Do you imprint it in your mind, body and soul?  Do you give thanks that it is already here for you – NOW?  Stop believing – move into knowingness.  Know that what you want is here for you in this present moment.  Stay with that in a powerful way.  Let no one dissuade you.  Do not be impatient, for that brings in doubt and fear.  You are done with that nonsense, aren’t you?  Demand your freedom from all doubt and fear.  When you live in the moment you are in right now and nowhere else, shifts will occur rather quickly.  Don’t look back – there is nothing there.  Stay present in great peace and grace, standing in your KnowingNess.  Life is not supposed to be as hard as we have made it.  Do we have challenges, do we need to Live in Courage? Of course.  There will be bumps, challenges and many things to deal with.  That’s life.  How you handle these challenges is what makes you courageous, loving, joyful, fulfilled, peaceful and abundant.

Never be discouraged.  Disappointment is a feeling deep within everyone because of an accumulation of life’s experiences.  Release all disappointment, throw it away, along with grudges, judgment, criticism and blame.  You are the only one responsible for how your life turns out, so quit blaming yourself or anyone else for anything.  It is time to get on with your life. A life that can be filled with everything you can dream of and then some.  Invest in yourself, you are worth it.

Make it a great day in each NOW moment, for in each moment you have a choice as to how you choose to feel and think.

In Encouragement to you from Living in Courage,

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online