Your Inner Spiritual Authority

Your Inner Spiritual Authority, Living in Courage Online

Put  your Inner Spiritual Authority of power and influence behind every decision and action you take.  United with this inner power, you will discover the outer world serving you much more effectively. You need to be the change you wish to see in your reality. This change begins with the choices you make and how they are implemented on a daily basis.

Choosing to live in and cooperate with your inner world presents you with more treasures than any the outer world can provide. Why is there so much satisfaction in aligning with and embracing this authority? Because it is who you are.

If there are barriers in your life, it leads you through them.  If your inner light has dimmed, go find the dimmer switch…and turn it up!  Knock down the obstacles that keep you from living your best life. Design your outer world with authority from your inner world of influence and power.  Emerge from your limitations.

Leave the past behind where all the hurts, fears, judgments and blame dissolve. Draw upon the wisdom in you, trust in your powerful higher consciousness, it will never leave you or steer you in the wrong direction. Unconditional love from our source never does! The outer world does not carry one iota of this power, influence and authority. Never has, never will.

Debra Oakland