Peaks & Valleys, Courage & Sheryl Brown

Peaks and Valleys This painting was created by my new friend on Facebook, Sheryl Brown. We have developed a wonderful friendship. Sheryl, coming from her heart with light and love, was inspired to paint "Peaks and Valleys" after visiting Living in Courage and reading my story. I love Sheryl's … [Read more...]

Napa Vacation – Courage – Three Cups of Tea

I am still in Napa. Last night I walked down to the vineyards while Cody laid by the pool (overlooking the vineyards) at The Wine Country Inn. I sat under a tree.  It was wonderful to hear the birds chirping, the crickets to my left and to my right was a large rabbit moving about the vineyard.  The … [Read more...]

Serenity & Courage

As I sit here in Napa California for a weekend of serenity and relaxation, I look forward to some fine wine and food. My husband Cody is finally reading the Shack (I was not ready to give it up!) and he loves it.  We sit in our room, overlooking the vineyards and hills.  Gratitude is the order of … [Read more...]

Happy Sunday To All Happy Courage Seekers Hi all, it is Sunday in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. I was thinking about my life, about you who visit my website on Living in Courage. BE HAPPY flooded my mind.  Try this fun way to have a better week.  Start on Sunday every week and make the decision to … [Read more...]

I Wonder What the Courage of Love Will Do Now.

As I sit here pondering Courage and Love, I have to ask some questions about love.  What kind of love do we indulge in?  Love that is scintillating, ecstatic in its newness and grows like the sands of time.  Love that leaves you sad, empty, lonely, jealous or grieving.  All human love is based on … [Read more...]