Transition Laguna Beach

I live in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.  A true resort and artist community, home of the "hippies" from the 60's to current day.  All walks of life enjoy living here.  Surfers and sunbathers crowd the beaches. We have activists, sports enthusiasts, tourists buzz through town all year long.  We … [Read more...]

The Pink Rose Holds A Secret For You

There is an ancient story of a wild pink rose of incomparable beauty and perfection.  The rose knew it had only a short life in bloom, so time was precious, magical really. The very essence of the rose entered into each passerby who touched the beautiful petals.  The rose held a soft pink with … [Read more...]

Use Courage Often On Your Life's Journey

In cleaning out my storage unit, which took enormous courage by the way! I found these words by an unknown author.  I find the "unknown" writings are some of the most powerful. "If, as Herod, we fill our lives with things, and again with things; if we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must … [Read more...]

We Are All True Champions Of Courage

"Have the Courage to love your humanity free as it seeks to balance the mind and heart.  In this balance you will find your freedom." ~~Debra Oakland A few days ago I decided to take my camera and walk into Laguna Beach, which is less than a mile from my home.  There have been many changes in … [Read more...]

Do You Have The Courage To Hear The Song?

I was laying in bed this morning in a state of stillness and peace.  I noticed sounds all around me.  I could hear cars on Pacific Coast Highway whizzing by. Von's Pavilion is just below my house, which means I hear car doors opening and closing, cars coming and going, shopping carts being moved … [Read more...]