I Wonder What the Courage of Love Will Do Now.

As I sit here pondering Courage and Love, I have to ask some questions about love.  What kind of love do we indulge in?  Love that is scintillating, ecstatic in its newness and grows like the sands of time.  Love that leaves you sad, empty, lonely, jealous or grieving.  All human love is based on positive and negative.  Then I began to think about a different kind of love.  An all encompassing pure, true love that is the essence of who we are when we are not in duality (positive or negative).

This kind of love can seem impossible to acquire, yet it exists in each one of us.  It seems to me that we are all one mind, one heart that has fragmented into thousands, millions of languages and skin color.  Yet we are all one, all connected.  People around the world talk about the connection we all have with each other.

In situations of your life, whether you are trying to create, accomplish, correct, start new, leave behind, overcome or anything you can throw out there, it seems that there is so much resistance acting. When there is not enough love, resistance acts.  I am not talking about human love, I am talking about a love that is our core..that we have been disconnected with as a human race.  This love holds the Unity of Light ( masculine, the mind) and Love (feminine, the heart)  and holds all the powers of the Universe.  It has intelligence, will, power and everything in it.  There is not one thing missing. Have you thought about this?  I really want to anchor some key ideas about this and let it integrate deep into the soul, the heart, where love is.

Love loves to fulfill, to make things happen. It is part of the Earth, a force that gives life to everything.  My best thinking tells me that when we disconnect from the mass collective consciousness of fear, there is a much higher consciousness to tap into. When you tap into pure love, one of the effects is that the mass consciousness has less power over your mind, feelings and body.  We all want miracles in our lives, where are they going to come from?  Can you carry a different kind of love?. Are you ready for it? I know I am.   There is a better way.  Use the courage you came into this world with and make some powerful decisions about how you want to live your life.  Love or Fear.  You have free will and you get to choose.  Our free will is what sets us apart from other life forms on earth.

There is a magnetic force in the atmosphere that assists us to manifest. This magnetic force is compromised because of the free will people have used for good and evil.  Our energy is tapped, we get tired, sometimes the clarity is not there.  When we move towards pure love that is timeless and selfless, there is this great storehouse of love waiting to broadcast out to the world, bringing into reality our purpose for this life on earth.  I wish you great success in your life’s journey.

I send you love from my heart to yours,

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage