Healing Our Planet Together

There are challenges before us in the world that seem insurmountable.  Our education teaches us about the difficulties the world faces, the difficulties we face as a human race.  This affects every one of us.  Inspiration is key because it inspires us to take action, to stand up and face challenges.  We can’t accomplish healing our planet alone, but we can do it together. Each person needs to take responsibility for their visit here.  The Earth is fine, and will be here with or without us.  By harming our ability to live on the planet in a healthy way, we are destroying a great gift that has been shared with us.  This world is full of beauty and abundance. As we each take a stand for peace, love and unity our planet and our lives will return to the state of love we were meant to live in.

Courage is a quality that lives in every soul.  Living in courage is a journey.  How easy or rough that journey will be is up to you.  Everything you do has consequence, no exceptions.  Being vigilant each day of your intentions, is a beautiful way to move forward in peace.

I wish you peace, courage, love and unity.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online